Hello black single, To make April a great dating month, don’t you need to update your profile? The spring signifies “freshness” and “newness” to me, so your old profile will not attract the serious singles who are new to this site. How do you update? It’s easy! Be yourself! Share in your profile how you […]
Dear serious black single: Have you thought about meeting for Sunday brunch as the start for an enjoyable date? Why not be warm and full as you chat with a serious black single? Sunday brunch gives both of you a wide selection of foods. Use the opportunity to explore your differences and similarities! Is your […]
Dear black single: Are you preparing for Thanksgiving? Are you hosting? Are you driving? Are you flying? Is your mind crowded with Thanksgiving thoughts? Please don’t forget your date these days! Don’t forget be in contact daily. Do you want that special single you’re dating to feel neglected? It might just happen. When you count […]

Dear Black King, You may meet someone who is traumatized by a past experience with a man, meaning she is judging every man she encounters based on an experience with someone else. As bad as it sounds, the best thing you can do is let her go so she can heal. She needs to cleanse […]

Dear Black Single, Do you believe that dating is what you make it? That what you get out of it is what you put in? Some people don’t like to put in much effort because they are tired of the dating world. It’s understandable. Everyone wants to meet that special person, so when things don’t […]

Hey guys, Despite the media’s portrayal of the perfect place to meet women being a bar or a club, I’m here to disagree and tell you why. First, how is there anything romantic about getting a person intoxicated to display interest? I’d much rather buy an individual a book at a bookstore. Second, meeting a […]

Dear black single: Do you ever feel the need to click the “in a relationship” box on Facebook? Or are you the type to just let it slide? With social media, it seems that once you tell the world you’re starting to see someone you have to send out updates on how everything is going, […]

Dear Black Single, What happens if you’re not interested? What is the easiest way to let someone down? Rejection is never easy, especially if you’re on the receiving side of it. Everyone says to give things a chance by going on a date a few times to get to know someone better. However, for some […]

Or is it? In the dating world, we probably learn more about ourselves than in other aspects of life. Mostly because you deal with other black singles and attempt to grow close with them. Take sharing. As kids, we’ve always been taught to share in school, church and home. For someone who grew up with […]

Dear Black Single, Have you dated someone that you’ve learned from? A relationship seems more meaningful when you’re learning from each other. It’s empowering to grow as you’re both contributing to each other’s physical, emotional and mental improvement. Then again, learning from the person you’re dating isn’t always positive. You might date someone and realize […]